A Game Changer in the Saudi Water Utilities Sector – Al Ha’er Project

Written by: Khaldoun Jayousi

Inaugurated by the Minister of Water & Electricity, Al Ha’er Wastewater conveyor from Manfouha STP TP project, represents a new era for the water utilities sector in Saudi Arabia if not the region. For the last 3 years, the project has been a priority for the National Water Company (NWC) and a key factor in Saudi Tumpane’s win, was that we shared the NWC’s vision.

In December 2014 Saudi Tumpane signed the contract and in November 2015, the Minister of Water & Electricity announced the start of drilling on the first project of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region to use a double shield tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Al Ha’er project is a unique project that complements the ongoing sanitation system projects in Southern Riyadh aimed at raising the level of services provided and the increase of the city’s sewage treatment capacity and environment. The project improves sewage treatment in Riyadh through reducing the amount of processed sewage water at the Mnfouhh station and transferring it to Al Ha’er treatment plant.

Due to the difficult topography of the area, Saudi Tumpane referred to the latest technology to help construct the connecting pipes between both stations, an approach that reflects our commitment to the highest standards in executing high caliber vital projects with impact on the country’s economic and social development.

The used technology – Tunnel Boring double shield machine (TBM) – can produce 25-30 LM per 24 hours excavation and concrete segments instillation over a distance of almost 12 Km. The project’s tunneling scope of work consists of the following process:
1- Excavation
2- Concrete segment instillation
3- Injection of gravel between the external surface of segments and rock
4- HDPE welding
5- Injection of grout for the external surface of the segments


The project is the last of a series of projects to connect the treatment plants in the south of Riyadh. Al Ha’er Station which is the 6th sewage treatment plant in Riyadh city is considered to be Saudi Arabia’s largest station for environmental sewage treatment. It was first put into partial work by end of 2014 with a daily capacity of 400,000 cubic meters per day, and rising at peak times to 640,000 cubic meters per day.

Al Ha’er project, among others in the pipeline aligns Saudi Tumpanes and its partners with the Saudi Arabia’s strategy for sustainable management of environmental resources and the utilities sector. With Saudi’s ever growing infrastructure sector and ongoing projects, tunneling is becoming more than ever a requirement to deliver on projects such as Al Ha’er water conveyance. Despite being “risky”, tunneling requires “Quality” – a factor that is essential in the civil works sector and the laying foundation of any economic and social growth.

As a result Al Ha’er project and the objectives set, we have realized the huge responsibility we have towards the Saudi market and community, and decided to further develop the needed tunneling expertise and establish a specialized department that would cater to projects of similar scale. Hence Saudi Tumpane personnel working on Al Ha’er project are progressively and continuously trained to implement and execute set plans, translating global knowhow into Saudi Skills and accomplishments.

Adding diversity to our portfolio and definitely setting us apart from competition, Al Haer project reinforces our position as a key player in the water utilities sector. Becoming a success, the project will provide the solid foundation for the tunneling division in process; making us the only contractor in the water sector in KSA, if not the region, to offer this range of capabilities. This will be a great achievement and opportunity for Saudi Tumpane to “grow and serve”.


About Khaldoun Jayousi

Khaldoun Jayousi is the Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Tumpane – one of Abunayyan Holding’s Strategic Business Units specialized in civil works.

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Khaldoun Jayousi

Khaldoun Jayousi is the Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Tumpane – one of Abunayyan Holding’s Strategic Business Units specialized in civil works.

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