Welcome to Mobadaraty – Where the leaders of our power and water businesses host conversations on the key topics driving the future of our industry and the development of the wider region.

Our main objective for this blog is to encourage conversations, share our insider perspectives and findings and give voice to the stories about the work we do and the things we value that often get lost in more formal communications. It will provide a platform for you to engage with our senior leadership teams allowing you to share ideas and suggestions directly; join us in driving thought leadership in Saudi Arabia.

The articles on this site take an informal look at some of the key issues that affect how we operate as an industry and as leaders, can address these issues in the future. We draw from our own experience in the market, developed through the projects that we have implemented and the best practices that we use and adapt to meet regional needs. We also look to learn from how other thought leaders globally have tackled issues. In addition we will share case studies of some of our most innovative and relevant projects with you; showcasing how our methodologies work in practice.

Abunayyan Holding’s portfolio spans more than a dozen Strategic Business Units operating in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East and North Africa.